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J Scott Campbell Danger Girl 20th Anniversary (9781684054435)
It's been 20 years since Danger Girl first exploded onto the comics scene, and IDW is celebrating by re-presenting the introductory preview story and the first oversized issue. Plus, for the first time ever, these two stories will be presented in crisp black and white pencils, scanned from Campbell's very own personal archives-and with no lettering to obstruct the art! If you love J. Scott Campbell's art-and who doesn't-you'll be able to see Danger Girl like never before!

Writers: Andy Hartnell

Artists: Alex Garner, J. Scott Campbell
Dark Knight Iii Master Race #9 Collectors Edition Hardcover And Collectors Edition Slipcase (7619413357730)
The epic conclusion to DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE is here from the all-star creative team of Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson! This is Earth's last stand. Quar's Kryptonian Army has conquered the planet, but Batman and his allies don't believe the world is beyond saving. They'll rally once more against Quar and save the world or die trying.This oversized paper-over-boards Collector's Edition features both stories from DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE #8 at the same size, with cover art that's a pencils-only version of Jim Lee's 1:500 variant cover. This final Collector's Edition ships with a slipcase designed to hold the entire Collector's Edition set!

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Frank Miller

Artists: Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Klaus Janson
Justice League Darkseid War Saga Omnibus Hardcover (9781401274023)
The Justice League originally united to stop the forces of Darkseid from destroying Earth! Now the ruler of Apokolips is back, but this time he's set his sights on the world-shattering Anti-Monitor. Will the combined might of the Justice League be enough to protect Earth from becoming collateral damage as gods fight? This new title collects JUSTICE LEAGUE #40-50, a story from DC COMICS DIVERGENCE #1 and the DARKSEID WAR specials starring Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Lex Luthor and Shazam!

Writers: Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Francis Manapul

Artists: Phil Jimenez, Francis Manapul, Jim Lee, Scott Kolins, Fernando Pasarin, Jason Fabok
Space Ghost Graphic Novel (9781401267643)
The six-issue miniseries from 2005 is back in a new edition! For the first time, learn how Space Ghost got his power bands and why he protects the galaxy from evil! Witness the tragic circumstances that led to his donning a cowl and his first battle with arch-nemesis Zorak!

Writers: Joe Kelly

Artists: Alex Ross, Ariel Olivetti
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